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Our high-quality knives are available in three different versions:

Gastro, Kappa and THEKNIFE.

You will find vegetable knives, paring knives, tomato knives, chef's knives, santoku knives, bread knives, steak knives, cleaver knives and cheese knives.

100% made in Solingen®, Germany - guaranteed!

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Showing 1 - 11 of 11 items

Cooking knives from Solingen

In the kitchen, delicious delicacies are lovingly conjured up by hand. To make the preparation of food even easier, the professional relies on high-quality kitchen knives. Whether vegetables, potatoes, fruit, cheese or meat, quality cooking knives glide easily through food.
Quality pays off, so go for high-quality kitchen knives "made in Germany". A very special quality feature is the origin, because especially Solingen is known for first-class knives. So put your trust in cooking knives from Solingen and look forward to excellent equipment. But that's not all: We not only offer you the highest level of quality, but also a wide selection: from normal cooking knives to bread knives, paring knives and larding knives - even for hobby chefs.

Kitchen knives for every purpose

No matter what you are looking for, with us you will find the right knife for your needs. You need excellent kitchen knives that make cutting and slicing easier? Or do you need a specific knife, for example a ham or lard knife? Then you will find what you are looking for. The following types of knives are in our assortment:

Kitchen Knives:

The kitchen knife is the all-rounder among knives, because thanks to the rounded blade, fish, meat as well as fruit and vegetables can be cut or portioned very easily. But it also has a positive effect on handling, because the kitchen knife can roll very well on the cutting board.

Larding knife:

The larding knife is characterized by its sharp tip, because with it you can easily lard sausage, cheese, but also fruit and vegetables - as the name already describes it. To help you find the right larding knife, we have a versatile selection of different makes and lengths.

Paring knife:

Thanks to the specially shaped blade, the peeling of fruit or vegetables is easy by hand, because the beak shape provides the optimal conditions. Whether just an apple or quickly peel the vegetables, with the paring knife this is easily possible.

Ham knife:

With this knife you can cut / cut both raw and cooked meat. But also for carving this knife is particularly suitable with its long and smooth blade. When it comes to meat, you have made the right choice with the ham knife.

Bread knife:

The bread knife is an integral part of a well-equipped kitchen - whether professional or amateur chef. Since the blade has a serrated edge, certain foods can be cut much easier and better. These include bread and various types of pastries, of course, but a crusty roast can also be cut wonderfully with the bread knife.

Overview of our knife series

To offer you high quality knives, we have strong manufacturers and excellent series in our range. Look forward to great knives from the Güde Kappa Serie or the EIKASO Gastro series - quality for every need!

Güde Kappa series

The Kappa series from Güde convinces not only with the usual quality thanks to handwork, but also with a timeless design and simple elegance. The cooking knives are hand-forged from a single piece of chrome-vanadium-molybdenum knife steel and ice-hardened. This involves more than 30 manual operations until the knife has reached the optimal condition and is rust-free and dishwasher safe. With a kitchen knife from the Kappa series you have qualitative equipment from traditional manufacturing. In addition, this series is characterized by a high-quality design that has won the Red Dot Design Award.

EIKASO Gastro Series

The Gastro series from EIKASO has been forged by professionals for professionals and is "made in Solingen". As with the other series, the Gastro series is subject to strict controls to provide you with the highest level of quality. In addition to constant quality assurance, decades of experience play an important role. Thus, the manufacturing process consists of the most modern know-how, strict hygiene regulations and many years of experience - and this since 1926.
With this series you rely on professional equipment that you will enjoy for a long time. The stainless and high-quality Hostaform plastic ensures durability and the good price-performance ratio is unique.

Long term sharp knives

High-quality cooking knives not only belong in a professional kitchen, but can also make your work easier at home. But even these knives need care now and then, so that you can enjoy your kitchen helpers for a long time. Regular use leads to wear and tear and that is quite normal. Therefore, you need to sharpen the blades from time to time.
For professional knife sharpening, use a sharpening steel, which is already included in our sets. So you can get started right away and sharpen dulling knives directly. If you do not know how to sharpen your cooking knives, feel free to look at our tutorial with pictures.

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