Butcher's knives and butcher's knives from Solingen

    Our butcher and butcher knives have a non-slip and ergonomically shaped plastic handle made of high-quality polypropylene. The blade is stamped from chrome-molybdenum stainless steel.
    Ready for shipment in 1-2 days
    Ready for shipment in 1-2 days
    Ready for shipment in 1-2 days
    Ready for shipment in 1-2 days

    Made in Germany

    Our products are all made in Solingen, Germany.

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    Ordered today, shipped tomorrow. And that worldwide.

    40 years experience

    We have been in the cutlery business since 1980.

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    Short distances, fastest possible delivery times.

    High quality knives from Solingen: Quality from the professional for the professional

    With the right tools, the work almost takes care of itself. This also applies to meat processing: Thanks to our high-quality butcher knives, meat can be cut in no time at all. Don't struggle unnecessarily and invest in a reasonable basic equipment or replace old and inferior butcher knives.

    Quality pays off - especially with butcher knives. Therefore, trust in "made in Germany" and especially with knives as well as cutlery in "made in Solingen", the city of blades. Here you can be sure to get quality butcher knives for professionals and hobby butchers. In addition, you can expect a wide selection: from professional basic equipment to high-quality special knives. We have the appropriate butcher knife for every step of the work - of course in the highest quality, as is customary for Solingen.

    The right butcher knife for every purpose

    No matter what you have in mind, we have the right equipment for it. We will gladly provide you with the appropriate basic equipment or ensure that you get the appropriate butcher knife for your purpose. The following types of knives are part of our assortment:

    Boning knife:

    The boning knife is suitable for removing the meat and fat from the bone due to its slim shape and particularly sharp blade. In addition, tendons and skin can be easily removed. As standard, the boning knife has a straight or slightly curved blade.

    Meat / block knife:

    The block knife is a true all-rounder and can therefore also be used for many other foods. In addition, it is often used by hunters to cut up game, as the precise cutting action enables a quick method of working. This is also a reason why the block knife must not be missing in many households.

    Skinning knife:

    As the name suggests, the skinning knife is used when the skin of animals or game must be removed. Due to its curved blade, which is also wider in the front area, skins can be easily removed from meat.

    Encrusting knife / bowel knife:

    To ensure that the animal can be processed properly after slaughter, its organs must be removed. In order to avoid injuring the innards and spoiling the meat when breaking open the slaughtered animal or game, you should use a crimping knife.

    Dissecting knife:

    Here, too, the name already reveals the purpose: with the carving knife you can portion food, especially meat, quickly and easily. The long and slightly upward curved blade allows you to make a precise cut.

    Fillet knife:

    Due to the long as well as very thin blades, the knife glides very easily through the meat. Due to the simple handling, fillets can be removed very easily. But also the further processing, such as cutting into wafer-thin slices, is possible with the fillet knife.

    Herder Butcher Knife / Slaughter Knife

    With Herder, we have one of the leading manufacturers of butcher knives in our range. This allows us to present you with a large selection of high-quality butcher knives.

    But what is so special about Herder knives? All blades are made of high-quality chrome-molybdenum steel (material number 14116) and are of course stainless. In addition, the blades are ice-hardened and then polished to a high gloss. Thus, the butcher knives are characterized not only by the use of first-class materials, but also by durability.

    To ensure maximum comfort, the handles are ergonomically shaped and are made of non-slip material. In addition, the plastic handles are made of high-quality polypropylene and are glass fiber reinforced. In short, the handles are break-resistant and 100% hygienic.

    In summary, with butcher knives from Herder you have a high-quality product in your hands, which convinces with durability, quality and comfort. Due to its properties, these knives are suitable not only for professionals, but also facilitate the work of the hobby butcher.

    Long term sharp knives

    High-quality knives are the cornerstone of good butchering equipment. However, proper care is essential, because even the best butcher knives continue to wear out with time and prolonged use. This is quite normal and cannot be prevented. For this reason, regular and proper sharpening of the blades is inevitable.

    So that you don't have to gather everything together individually, a corresponding sharpening steel is already included in our multi-part sets. So you can get started right away and sharpen your knives without any problems if necessary. So take a look at our butcher and butcher knife sets, which are also just suitable for hobby butchers to get a high-quality basic equipment.

    You do not know how to sharpen your knives? No problem, we will help you with that! For optimal results, the right technique is very important. For this reason, we have created a tutorial with pictures for you. Take a look here.

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