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Please note: The length descriptions always refer to the total length of the scissors.

100% made in Solingen®, Germany - guaranteed!

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Showing 1 - 6 of 6 items


Our tailor's scissors are forged from carbon steel C60, hardened, precision blue-ground, aligned and assembled. Carbon steel is not a member of the stainless steel family, i.e. it tends to rust, but its cutting performance exceeds that of stainless steel by far. This means that our scissors can be subjected to heavy wear in the tailoring industry.

They shine through a high-rate hardness (approx. 59 HRC), interlocked screw, extreme ease of handling, uniform full-length cutting efficiency right down into the tips, excellent cutting characteristics with thin and thick materials and a long service life!

Powder coated handles of forged shears represent a truly new approach and a technical progress compared to conventional wet-paint coating practices. Shears for use with classic textile fabrics are now identified by their brilliantred powder-coated handles. So it brings a perfect flawless coating, eudermic and smooth surface, excellent durability, improved shock resistance and high impact resistance under hot, sweaty and humid conditions.

For maintenance, please oil the scissors at regular intervals.

Please note: The length descriptions always refer to the total length of the scissors.

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