Quality from Solingen, Germany!

SOLINGEN® is a leading brand for the best and finest products. The protection of it’s name is very important to us! The Solingen Ordinance is unique in the world. It exactly determines the production and properties of all cutlery from Solingen.

Traditional craft from Solingen, Germany!

In order to meet these high requirements, we combine traditional manufacturing with innovative technologies. So highly qualified handicrafts of our professionally trained employees go hand in hand with computer-controlled grinding, polishing and punching machines.

In addition to numerous precise operations, we also focus on highest quality materials. This is the only way we can guarantee high functionality, durability and safe handling of our sharp cutlery. Extensive quality controls of the finished product are mandatory, especially since they already occur during production.

There is more to the SOLINGEN® brand than you might initially assume.
High quality cutlery made in Solingen, Germany!

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