Germany Solingen – Chefs Knives: ALPHA OLIVE LINE

ALPHA OLIVE LINE - Chefs knives from Solingen, Germany

Our Alpha-Olive-Line combines everything, for what the extraordinary quality of Solingen Knive-Craftsmanship stands for:

After forging by hand each knife in this series goes through more than 40 additional manual steps to guarantee the highest quality.

The blades - made from a single piece of highest quality Chrome-Vanadium-Moly cutlery steel - are forged from the tip to end of the handle. They are of course stainless, ice-hardened and sharpened by hand.

The grips – fixed with 3 even groove – are made out of selected, very hard and up to 500 years old olive wood. Because of the natural and strong grain these knives are noble looking eye-catchers in your kitchen.

Besides of the elegant design and long lasting sharpness the knives in this series are characterized by a perfect balance that allows easy working also over a longer time.

Because of the wooden grips all articles of this series are not dishwasher safe!

  • forged blade from a single piece of steel
  • Chrome-Vanadium-Moly cutlery steel
  • stainless
  • sharpenend by hand
  • icehardened
  • premium olive wooden grips show me the english version | englische Version anzeigen show me the german version | deutsche Version anzeigen

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