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Behind Deejo is the desire of the two company founders Luc Foin and Stéphane Lebeau to return the pocket knife to its original purpose. In 2010, they launched a knife on the market that would weigh no more than a letter. At the time, they were not aware of where this project would lead them. Originally, the knives were designed for the outdoor market to meet the ever-increasing demand for ultra-light equipment. Distributed under the Baladéo brand, these knives quickly aroused the interest of a broad target group, far beyond the outdoor market.

They realized that these knives were well on their way to becoming an everyday object. So the idea was born to bring the pocket knife back to where it once was: in your trouser pocket and back to everyday life. Why? Because a Deejo is practical and compact - and because it simply looks great. Luc Foin's great passion is knives. The proof: he always has one in his pocket. The latest in his collection is the '15 gram', which is always ready to hand. His fingers gently stroke the cool stainless steel. Luc Foin loves beautiful things. Not the ones you accumulate and who live their existence in a drawer. No. They are the things you often use and buy without thinking, just to make yourself happy.

Where Luc Foin acts impulsively, Stéphane Lebeau's approach is thoughtful and purposeful. He is responsible for the design and development of new products. He has a talent for drawing and an eye for detail that his business partner lacks. Monitor the production process or manage suppliers? Stéphane also takes care of that. He keeps a cool head here rather than his colleague, who is deterred by administrative tasks. Stéphane Lebeau is not a sporting ace. He is enthusiastic about long walks in nature, where you can go on a voyage of discovery. Always on tour: an insect box and a 'Deejo Wood' made of juniper wood that exudes a pleasant spicy scent...


Deejo are the ultra-light pocket knives without compromising size for every day. Deejo has already won the coveted "Industry Award" at Outdoor 2010 in the former name "Baladéo G-Series" - and is now launching an even greater variety of products as an independent brand. Equipped with a lockable blade made of 420 steel and available in "NAKED" (stainless steel handle), "WOOD" (stainless steel/wood cover) and COLORS (stainless steel/polycarbonate cover) versions, you can choose from 14 models.

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