Germany Solingen – Cutlery And Kitchenware Center

Who we are and what we do

We offer all kinds of Kitchen knives, Household knives, Butcher knives and Chefs knives which are produced in Solingen. We are a direct importer from Solingen, hence we have the edge of offering good prices to the market, both retail and wholesale. So, we can assure you that our products marked with "Solingen" are really produced in Solingen and are not imitations.

We are also the SOLE DISTRIBUTOR of different SOLINGEN and German companies which are producing assorted Knives, Flatwares, Kitchen utensils, Scissors for tailoring and haircutting, Manicure & Pedicure instruments and Professional cookwares. show me the english version | englische Version anzeigen show me the german version | deutsche Version anzeigen

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