Made in Solingen

The Trademark for quality

For many centuries the name Solingen was embodiment of high quality knives, cutlery and more. It is not suprising, that many companies try to make use of this name by selling their goods as "Made in Solingen", although they have not been produced in this city.

In order to fight this fraud, Solingen became the only city in the world whose name is a registered trademark. The so called "Solingenverordnung" regulates the use of the brand "Solingen" since 1938.

Regulation for the Protection of the Name Solingen

The Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CCI) offers extensive information on the protection of this valuable brand.

We uploaded a PDF-file with information on regulations of the usage: Open PDF-file now.

For more information visit the website of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Wuppertal/Germany. show me the english version | englische Version anzeigen show me the german version | deutsche Version anzeigen

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